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About Us

The purpose for which I am creating this website is because I love all kinds of body arts especially tattoos designs. As you know that our body appearance at birth is empty, so we need to create a permanent fashion for it to show all people around the world. On the other hand, another important goal is to provide new information about tattoo ideas, and for those who are looking for free tattoos designs on internet.

I have been trying to gather good information to post on this site and publish it publicly. So all the information is useful for those who love tattoos. However, I also seek for permission and apologies for image owners because all the images are from the internet, and I put the link to the image source properly. If you are the owner of any image in this site, and don't want to show your picture in public domain please contact me by the contact form at the bottom of my website or send direct email to me at khomsathya168@gmail.com. I will delete the image immediately after receiving a message requested from the image owner. Thanks

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